Do you want to hire a stripper in the most luxurious and thrilling way?

Experience Luxury and Excitement: Limousine Stripshow Tour

Ultimate Indulgence in Our Luxury Limousine

Do you want to hire a stripper in the most luxurious and thrilling way? Be sure to choose our Limousine Stripshow Tour, an unforgettable experience that pushes the boundaries of luxury and excitement.

Pickup in Style

Let our limousine pick you up at your location, ready for an hour of indulgence. The stripper will board, surprising you with a sensual show.

Enjoy the Luxury

Inside the limousine, indulge in ultimate luxury with fun disco lights, fantastic sound from the speakers, and the company of all your friends. An experience you must have!

Champagne and Sensual Show

At your bachelorette party, enjoy champagne and an enchanting striptease show, all included in the tour.

Personal Touch: Choose Your Favorite Stripper

You decide which stripper will make the party even more enjoyable. Share your preference, and we will arrange the surprise on board.

Rates and Reservations

The total price for the entire tour starts from €650. For each additional hour, you pay an extra €300. The limousine accommodates up to 12 people, making it perfect for intimate gatherings.

Experience the ultimate combination of luxury, excitement, and personal attention with our Limousine Stripshow Tour. Reserve today for an unforgettable experience!