A strip show is slightly erotic, humorous and very exciting, you can indicate your own wishes so that the stripper adjusts his/her show accordingly.

A full strip show takes 15-20 minutes.

The strip show consists of a lap dance, many dance moves and body oil to lubricate the stripper. Various attributes are also used, such as a blindfold. After the strip show there is also an opportunity for a nice group photo with the stripper.

To book a stripper you can enter your choice via our reservation form which stripper and what kind of theme strip show you would like. After the submitted request, we will check the availability of this stripper and then contact you via whatsapp to digitally record the booking if the chosen stripper is available.

  • The stripper must first be able to change in the hallway, for example
  • The stripper would like you to be reachable at the agreed time so that the stripper can call by phone when he/she arrives.
  • A chair without armrests with at least 1 meter of space around the chair to be able to move freely.
  • The possibility to play music on your audio system via the telephone of the stripper.

Normally all strippers go completely naked. At the end of the show they do use a cloth to keep it appropriate and not tacky. If there are other wishes, this can of course be indicated.

Fortunately, this rarely happens, but if this does happen, we try to contact you immediately to explain the situation and to suggest a choice for another stripper. If this happens last minute, we will arrange a similar stripper so that the party can continue at all times.

The payment to the artist can be cancelled free of charge 7 days before the act takes place, after that we will charge you 30% of the full amount of the whole booking, from 5 days before the act cancels 40%, 3 days before the act 60% and 2 days before the act 75% of the full amount to be able to pay the artist, because no other shows could be accepted by the artist. In case of cancellation 1 day in advance or on the day itself the full amount has to be paid. The deposit is used to book the artist and hold his/her time. No refund possible.

Most of the payment can be paid to the stripper on the day itself in cash.

For travel time and capturing the stripper we require a small deposit.